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What are the annual assessment requirements?


Every child of compulsory attendance age who receives CPI and who is not working with an Iowa licensed instructor must be assessed annual to make sure that adequate progress is being made.

The child must take a standardized test to set a baseline assessment for the first year. After the first year, the child must continue to take a standardized test or develop a portfolio to show annual adequate progress.

Students through grade 5 must be assessed on reading, language arts, and math.

Students in grades 6 and higher must also be assessed in science and social studies.

If the child is working with an Iowa licensed teacher who has a certificate that is appropriate for the age and grade of the child, there is not an annual assessment requirement. The teacher is responsible to monitor the child's progress. This includes students enrolled in a Home School Assistance Program. Iowa Code section 299A.4; 281 IAC r. 31.8.

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on May 21, 2018 at 5:51pm.