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What are allowable costs under the FFVP?


Under the FFVP costs are broken out as Operating Cost and Administrative Costs.

Operating costs are the costs of running your FFVP service.  These are your documented expenses for acquiring, delivering, preparing, and serving fruits and vegetables.  They include the FFVP portion of the goods and services your school pays for

  • Buying fruits, vegetables, low-fat or non-fat dip for vegetables only
  • Buying nonfood items like napkins, paper plates, serving bowls and trays, cleaning supplies, and trash bags
  • Value added services such as pre-cut produce, ready-made trays, and delivery charges
  • Salaries and fringe benefits for employees who do such tasks as washing and chopping produce, preparing trays, distributing produce to classrooms, setting up kiosks, restocking vending machines, and cleaning up

School administrative costs are the documented expenses you have for planning the FFVP, managing the paperwork, obtaining the equipment you need, and all other aspects of FFVP that are not related to the preparation and service of fruits and vegetables.

  • Purchasing or leasing equipment such as refrigerators, coolers, portable kiosks, carts, and portable food bars
  • Salaries and fringe benefits for employees who compile and maintain claims for reimbursement and other financial reports, plan and write menus, order produce, track inventory, and coordinate nutrition promotion activities

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on June 28, 2017 at 9:20am.