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How is the $1500 to be utilized by the local school district?


To the extent moneys are available; a school district shall receive $1500 per beginning administrator participating in the program. Moneys received by a school district pursuant to this section shall be expended to provide each mentor with an award of $500 per semester, at a minimum, for participation in the school district’s beginning administrator mentoring and induction program; to implement the plan; and to play any applicable costs of the employer’s share of contributions to federal social security and the Iowa public employees’ retirement system or pension and annuity retirement system established under chapter 294, for such amounts paid by the district. 284A.8(1)

If the funds appropriated for the program are insufficient to pay mentors and school districts as provided in this section, the department shall prorate the amount distributed to school districts based upon the amount appropriated. A school district shall give priority to fully funding the obligation to principal mentors. Remaining moneys, if any, shall be first be used to fund superintendent mentors and then to fund other program costs and applicable cost. 284A.8(2)

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on May 22, 2018 at 7:02am.