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For accountability purposes how are home school students, foster care kids, out of state placements, and residential placements treated?


Home School: These students fall under their own rules and regulations associated with competent private instruction. They are not counted as FTE by the local district and would not be a part of the districts local accountability system.

Foster Placement: These students have been placed by the court system and their scores would roll up to the state level.

Out of State Placements: This would be on a case by case basis. The most likely scenario would be that they were placed by the court system out of state. More than likely these students would not be counted in the local districts accountability system. If the district was a part of the decision to send a student out of state then that sending district must make sure the student is tested and the scores sent back to the district.

In-State Private Residential Facility Placements: If a local district was involved in this decision and a 28E agreement was executed. then the score(s) for that student in the residential facility should come back to the sending district. If a parent made a unilateral decision or open enrolled to this facility then the district educating that student would keep the score in that district.

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Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on March 21, 2018 at 11:30am.