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USDA Foods Program

Are there other ways to use entitlement funds?


Yes. Through a partnership with the Department of Defense the USDA has made available fresh fruit and vegetables that can be purchased with entitlement funds. This program is known as the DoD Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.

How is each school's USDA Foods entitlement figured for each year?


Each school’s entitlement budget is based on the number of reimbursable meals served in the previous school year.

Who needs to sign the shipping receipt after the USDA Foods are dropped off at your school?


Any school personnel responsible for unloading and checking (counting) the inventory can sign the receipt. Schools are strongly encouraged to check orders at time of delivery. If product is found to be missing at a later date credit cannot be issued.

Are schools allowed to pick up product from their regional warehouse?


Yes, only with prior authorization from the State Agency. However, the school will still be charged a delivery fee from Keck, Inc. The advantage of picking up product is being able to use it sooner than the delivery schedule might permit.

May I order USDA Foods via the internet?


Yes, commodities may be ordered online.  The web site address is: SFAs will first need to create an A&A account.

If a school needs to find out when they will be delivered in the current ship month, who should they call?


The school needs to call "Keck, Inc." in Des Moines. They set up all transportation routes for each of the six school deliveries. The phone number is 515-244-5631, ext. 121.

Can schools choose to process their USDA Foods?


Yes. Schools can chose to participate in the Net Off Invoice Program, whereby USDA foods are sent to a processor on their behalf, and processed into an end product of their choice.

How do schools get their USDA Foods?


The State Agency has two warehouses that store USDA Foods. The State agency distributes food to schools from these locations. They are located in Des Moines and Mason City and are currently managed by Keck, Inc. out of Des Moines, Iowa. Keck, Inc.

How many members make-up the Advisory Council?


There are currently 11 USDA Foods Advisory Council Members. Each term is three years.

What is the USDA Foods Advisory Council?


The USDA Foods Advisory Council is a committee of SFAs and staff who represent schools from across the state. The USDA Foods Advisory Council determines which USDA Foods to process into ready to use end products.


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