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Timelines/Deadline/Good Cause

Are open enrollment forms public documents?


Yes, as soon as the district has it in its possession it is public information.  However, districts must remove certain confidential information before releasing the form under the open records law in Iowa. Iowa Code section 22.7(1).

What happens if the application for open enrollment is denied?


All appeals filed as an original court action in Iowa District Court unless the application for open enrollment claims harassment or if the child has a serious health condition that the resident district cannot adequately address.

What is the “Junior/Senior rule?”


The Junior/Senior Rule allows 11th and 12th grade students that move out of a district to return to the district that he/she attended during the preceding school year, tuition-free, until they graduate even though they are no longer residents of the district.

What options are available to an open enrolled student whose parent / guardian changes the district of residence?


If the parent / guardian changes the district of residence, the options are to have the student stay in the current receiving district, open enroll the student to another district, or enroll the student in the new district of residence as long as they remain a resident of Iowa.

Does an open enrollment request have to be renewed annually?


No, as long as the receiving district remains the same, open enrollment to that district continues until the student graduates or until the parents/guardians notifies the district that they desire to terminate open enrollment.

When does a student’s open enrollment end?


Open enrollment terminates when the student graduates, moves into the receiving district, moves out of state, moves into another Iowa district and chooses to attend the new resident district, attends an accredited nonpublic school, or drops out of school.

If a building in the district is closed after March 1, do the students in that building qualify for "good cause" under open enrollment?


No. Students do not become eligible for late-filed open enrollment if one of the attendance centers is closed or if there is a change in the school program (curriculum, courses, etc.).

What constitutes a severe health need?


An applicant may qualify under the severe health need provision if one of the following exists. An official in the resident district determines if the applicant qualifies under the criteria of severe health need.

What constitutes pervasive harassment?


The resident district determines if the applicant qualifies under the criteria of pervasive harassment. The following guidelines are used to determine if an applicant qualifies under the "good cause" provision.

Are there any exceptions to the March 1 deadline?


Yes. An open enrollment request for a prospective kindergarten student may be filed with the receiving district by September 1 of the school year of enrollment into kindergarten.

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