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Student Curriculum (8th Grade) Plan

What are the requirements for parent’s signatures, and can they be either paper or electronic signatures?


Paper signatures are also accepted; however, someone must go into the professional center and enter that the signature has been received in order for the Guideway report to show as complete.

If transfer students did not complete the required components in their previous grade, do we have to make them go back and do the ones they missed?


Schools are not required to have students make up components they missed when not enrolled in your district.  However, some of the later Guideways use data stored through an earlier component so if time permits, the student is encouraged to go back and complete the assessments and activities fro

How do I obtain access to the accounts of students who transfer to our school from other schools in Iowa?


Students should access their accounts and change their school affiliation from the old school to your school.  If students cannot access their accounts, contact Iowa College Aid 877-272-4456 and email is

Are home school or dual enrolled students required to complete the Guideways?


Since legislation applies to accredited school districts, home schooled students are not required to complete the Student Curriculum Plan and the required Guideways.

Are schools required to guide students through a Student Curriculum Plan, and can they use something other than I Have A Plan Iowa™?


Iowa Code 279.61 mandates that every student have a Student Curriculum Plan beginning in 8th grade and modify that plan every year in high school.  The mandate includes the curriculum plan for completing high school but also the components of the state designated college and career pl

Do we need to keep a hard copy of the 4 year plan (and all updates) in the student's cumulative folder for site visits?


Legislation requires only the original Student Curriculum Plan created in 8th grade with the parent’s signature be included in the cumulative folder.  However, the intent of the law is that the plan be accessible by educators and the student for planning.  Be prepared to tell the site

What are the consequences if a student has not completed the Guideway?


Iowa school districts are monitored through the Comprehensive School Improvement Process (CSIP) for accreditation every 5 years.

What are the requirements?


The Required State Components are listed on the Iowa Department of Education website:

How many state components are in the Student Curriculum (8th Grade) Plan Process?


Beginning in 8th grade, each grade level has state components that are developmentally appropriate for that age group.


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