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Student Curriculum (8th Grade) Plan

For course customization, does a school need to enter the SCED codes for each course?


SCED codes are a national framework for courses and their alignment. At this time the SCED codes are not necessary for the course customization in I Have A Plan Iowa™.

Are we going to align I Have A Plan Iowa™ with the Iowa Core?


Research is continuing concerning alignment between I Have A Plan Iowa™ and Iowa Core.

What data does the Department of Education use to determine compliance?


The Department compares Student Curriculum Plan data to the current year’s Certified Enrollment. The Department understands that students may transfer in or out during the school year and acknowledges that district enrollment may be slightly different at the end of the school year when Student C

Does the Iowa Department of Education review the individual student portfolios?


State of Iowa agencies do not have access to the individual student portfolio. The Department of Education does collect school-wide data on the state components within the grade level Iowa Guideway for the state-wide report on career and educational planning.

What will the Department of Education review and report?


The data elements of the Iowa career planning process are imbedded within the grade level Guideways. The Department is only able to view the Guideway data not the student's portfolio and its contents.

When will the Department of Education review the school data?


The state-wide report will be created from data elements from the grade level Guideways beginning on June 15th.

What are the requirements for special education students?


As per Iowa Code 279.61, all students, including special education students, must complete the Required State Components of the state career planning system.  To the extent appropriate, IEP students should complete the components in the same method as their peers.  However, alternate assessments


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