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School Transportation

What are the obligations of a school district to transport its resident students who attend an accredited nonpublic school?


Students who attend an accredited nonpublic school are entitled to transportation by the district in which they reside on the same basis as resident students who are enrolled in the district "when the general assembly appropriates funds to the department of education for the payment of claims fo

How may a district fulfill its obligation to transport its resident students who attend accredited nonpublic schools?


When a district provides transportation to a nonpublic student (whether by statutory mandate or by choice), it may do so with its own school buses, by contracting with a private carrier, by providing parental reimbursement, or by contracting with a contiguous district to provide the transportati

Is the nonpublic school student to be transported directly to the student's accredited nonpublic attendance center?


The student is to be transported to the accredited nonpublic school if the accredited nonpublic school is located within the boundaries of the resident district, and the resident district chooses to provide transportation service via district buses or contracted services.


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