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School Transportation

Is a deferred payment plan for a bus allowed?


For purposes of this question, a bus company is offering a deferred payment plan for a bus. The district will have possession of the bus and title, but will not have to pay until next fiscal year. The company would put a lien on the bus. Is this allowable or must it be a lease agreement?

How is the distance between a student's residence and his/her attendance center to be measured?


By statute, the distance is measured on the public roadway only and over the most passable and safest route as determined by the AEA board, starting in the roadway opposite the private entrance to the student's residence and ending in the roadway opposite the entrance to the school grounds.

How is the pro rata cost calculated?


There is a statutory formula based on the actual cost for all children transported in all school buses, including 1/7 of the original net cost of the bus. See Iowa Code -- 285.1(12) for the full formula.

What authority is there for a district to use its own buses to transport students to extracurricular events?


If the local board recognizes a student program as part of the district's regular or extracurricular program, and if the students to be transported are enrolled in the district, this transportation is authorized by Iowa Code -- 285.11(6) and 281 Iowa Administrative Code 43.10.

When is parental reimbursement to transport the parents' children an option?


A district may require parents/guardians to furnish transportation for their children who are entitled to transportation (and must provide reimbursement to the parent/guardian) in the following circumstances:


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