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Related Issues - Assistive Technology

What is the role of the Area Education Agency (AEA) in implementing assistive technology Law and Regulations?


AEAs are to provide information to their personnel as well as to local district personnel in order to maintain and expand the expertise of staff members about assistive technology devices and services.

Can more than one student use an assistive technology device?


Yes, an assistive technology device may be shared if it is the property of the school and each student who requires use of the device has access to it as needed.

If a student needs a computer, can a school-owned computer be used in the lab or classroom?


Yes, if the student has access to the equipment as needed. If the student does not have the necessary access, then the appropriate equipment should be purchased for the student's use. The IEP Team will decide as a group the need and use of computers on a case-by-case basis.

If a student requires the use of an assistive technology device(s), what happens to the device(s) when the student graduates?


Transition planning for technology users is particularly challenging because there is no legal requirement for the transfer of ownership for an assistive technology device from the school to the individual student or to an adult agency upon graduation.

What happens to assistive technology devices when students leave the school system?


If the school district purchased the device, the device is the property of the school. The school could keep the device for use by other students, sell it, or decide to transfer the device to another district in which the student enrolls.

How is timely manner defined in regards to obtaining an assistive technology device?


Once an assistive technology device is determined necessary for the student, the district must implement procedures necessary for obtaining the device without unnecessary delay.

Can school administrators instruct personnel not to include assistive technology in the IEP?


No. The IEP Team determines a student's need for assistive technology devices and services. A school may not prevent IEP Teams from identifying a student's need for assistive technology.


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