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Physical Education Requirements

Is separation by gender allowed during specific contact activities?


Yes. Title IX allows separation of students by gender within physical education classes or activities during participation in wrestling, boxing, rugby, ice hockey, football, basketball, and other sports, when the purpose or major activity involves bodily contact.

Is ability grouping of physical education students allowed?


Yes. Title IX allows grouping of students in physical education classes and activities by ability as assessed by objective standards of individual performance developed and applied without regard to gender.

Must school districts allow for any of the exemptions?


It depends on which excusal or exemption is sought. Districts must excuse children from physical education if requested for religious reasons or if a physician has certified a child as physically unable to participate in physical education.

What is the mandated number of minutes per week for physical education?


The amount of physical education is not specified at the elementary and junior high school levels.

Must all required content areas be taught every year?


No. The requirements must be taught before completing each grade span (elementary, junior high, or high school).


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