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Infant Feeding

How long should we keep infant CACFP records?


The center or center sponsor must maintain all CACFP records for three years (after the end of the fiscal year).

Why are Cheerios or other adult dry cereals not reimbursable for snack for infants age?


The only reimbursable grain/bread at snack is bread or crackers for this age group. Adult cereals do not fall under either of these categories. In addition, these cereals are often hard or sharp and contain small hard pieces of fruit or nuts that could pose a choking risk.

Is yogurt a reimbursable food for infants?


Yogurt is not currently approved as a reimbursable food on the infant meal pattern. But, on page 53 of the "Feeding Infants Guide", it appears that yogurt is presented as an "extra" food to add with caution for infants 8 months or older. Yogurt is an appropriate texture for infants.

What is the easiest way to record infant meals?


Individual infant feeding records are recommended. They include space to record a week's or month's menus for an infant. All of the foods served must be written down. The form is available in the CACFP Administrative Manual and on the Department of Education website.

What if a center does not want to claim infant meals?


All children in the center must be enrolled in the CACFP, and parents of infants must be offered center-provided formula and foods. A center does not have to claim the meals, but they are missing reimbursement if they do not.

If a parent requests a special formula, are we required to buy it?


No, unless the special formula is needed due to the child's documented disability. A physician would verify the child's disability and would also prescribe the special formula.

Do meals mean formula or formula and food?


Meals can include formula only or formula and food. Meals refer to breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks. Some infant meals may include only formula or breast milk if that is all that is required by the meal pattern.

Can infants be the only children receiving a morning snack?



Infants can be the only children in attendance at the center to receive morning snack. If you feed infants a meal after breakfast, but before lunch, this meal can be claimed for morning snack if the following requirements are met:


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