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Income Eligibility

What if two applications, one from each parent with different eligibility levels, are submitted for the same child?


The income application that results in the highest reimbursement for the center may be used to determine the eligibility level for the child. Once an income application is approved for free or reduced price benefits, the eligibility is in effect for a period not to exceed 13 months.

Should the income application be denied if the parent does not include a social security number?


If the FIP or Food Assistance number is on the application the adult who filled out the application is not required to include his or her social security number.

If a household indicates $0 for income, is that sufficient?


"Zero income" is sufficient for approval. If the Child Care authorized representative is aware of additional income, the application can be verified for cause. Such verification efforts cannot delay the approval of applications.

How often should applications be collected?


New applications (using the current form--check the date in the upper right hand corner) and the parent/guardian cover letter must be given to families annually.

How quickly should I process CACFP applications?


The Child Care authorized representative should approve/deny all income applications prior to the end of the month received.

What should I do if an income eligible family does not return a completed income application?


Even if you have reason to believe that the family is income eligible. you may not claim the children for free or reduced price meals unless you have a current. complete and correctly approved application on file in the center.


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Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on June 26, 2017 at 3:49pm.