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Gifted and Talented

Can high school teachers who teach advanced courses be paid from gifted and talented categorical funds?


No. Advanced curriculum offerings are a student/family choice. and is what your school offers as regular programming. Regular program offerings would not be expended from the district's gifted and talented funding.

Can the school district count the square footage of the room and prorate their share of utilities as its local match for its gifted and talented program?


No. These costs are called indirect costs or overhead and are specifically disallowed costs to categorical funding. Those costs are the responsibility of the district from its general purpose revenues.

Can a percent of the salaries of an administrator or secretary be paid with gifted and talented funding?


No. Staff who are not exclusively assigned for a specified period of time to providing instructional services to meet the needs of identified gifted and talented students, should not be funded from gifted and talented funding.

What accountability measures are in place if a district doesn't comply with the law on gifted and talented funding?


The local auditor is now required under Iowa Code chapter 11 to review the accounting for categorical funding annually to ensure that Iowa law and rules have been followed.

Is it allowable to use gifted and talented funds to pay for PSEO tuition to a community college for identified gifted and talented students?


No for junior and senior students; yes for g/t-identified students in ninth and tenth grade. The opportunity to participate in PSEO is available for all juniors and seniors and is therefore considered the regular school program. Whether the students are g/t-identified or not.

If some of the students going to a math tournament are g/t-identified students, can their registration fees, lunch and transportation come from the gifted and talented funding?


No. The gifted programming funding is not attached to events in which the identified student participates, rather it is available to provide for specific opportunities where regular programming/curricular opportunities are not adequate to meet identified needs beyond what the school offers.

Does the instructional staff need to have 100% g/t-identified students in their classroom to be paid from the gifted and talented funding?


It does not matter how many identified students are in a teacher's classroom if the class is a part of the general curricular program offered in the school. gifted and talented funding is not to supplant the responsibilities of the general fund.

What are the guidelines for instructional staff paid from the gifted and talented budget?


Gifted funding is to be used in response to needs of identified students beyond the regular school program. The endorsed gifted teacher (July 2012 see attachment endorsement) is responsible for the Chapter 12 requirements of the school district (see attachment Iowa Code Admin Rule).


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