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General/Funding/Grant Agreement

What are the requirements for schools to provide nutrition education?


Nutrition education is not currently required however FNS strongly encourages schools to provide nutrition education as a component of the FFVP.  Providing nutrition is part of helping schools create a healthier school environment

Can the FFVP be used in other programs such as during a summer school program or in a year-round school?


The FFVP cannot be served as part of summer school sessions.  The FFVP may be provided during a “year-round school’s” summer session as this is considered part of the regular school year.

Can schools bid FFVP, NSLP and SBP purchases together?


Yes.  However, schools must be able to demonstrate which items are purchased for the FFVP.

Should schools develop a budget for the FFVP?


It is prudent for schools to develop a budget in order to assist in the timely expenditure of funds and FNS strongly encourages schools to do so.

How much of a school's FFVP grant allocation can the State agency advance to the school?


None.  The FFVP operates on a reimbursement basis.  Schools are reimbursed based on their monthly submission of a claim for reimbursement.  The State Agency cannot provide advance FFVP funding.

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Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on May 26, 2017 at 2:53am.