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Funding - Assistive Technology

Who owns the assistive technology purchased for an individual student?


If the school purchased the device, it is the property of the school. If the assistive technology was purchased using the student's Medicaid or private insurance funds, the device belongs to the student.

Is the school district obligated to provide "state-of-the-art" technology for students with disabilities?


The school district is not obligated to provide "state-of-the-art" technology if the student's needs do not require it or if the student is unable to utilize it; however, if a student needs a "state-of-the-art" device or service to receive a free and appropriate education (FAPE), then the distri

Can school districts share the funding responsibilities of providing assistive technology devices and services?


Yes. This practice is especially appropriate for children with disabilities who are transitioning from Birth to Three programs into public school programs or transitioning from public school to adult services through Rehabilitation Services.

Are there other options for school districts to consider in lieu of purchasing the assistive technology device?


Yes. There are times when the outright purchase of devices is not necessary or even advisable. In instances such as these, school districts might consider rental or long-term lease/purchase options.

Must the school district assume financial responsibility for the purchase of assistive technology devices and services if they are listed in the IEP?


The school district must assume financial responsibility for the purchase of assistive technology devices and services that are identified by the IEP team unless the cost is covered by third party benefits or insurance coverage and the parents agree to use such coverage to pay the cost, or a don

Are schools required to pay for assistive technology devices and services?


It is the responsibility of the school district to provide the devices, services, and programs identified in the IEP.

What is the responsibility of a school district when parents elect to purchase a needed device on their own and the family-owned device is written into the IEP?


Federal law is silent on this issue. However, it is reasonable to expect a school district to assume liability for an assistive technology device that is family-owned, but used to implement a student's IEP, either in school or at home.


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