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Free & Reduced Meal Eligibility - Verification

Is transportation free to families who qualify for fee waivers?



If a family qualifies for free or reduced hot lunch, transportation is also to be provided free or at a reduced rate to the family. 281 I.A.C. 18.2. 18.3.

Why are EBT cards not allowed to prove households participate in the Food Assistance program?


Households participating in the Food Assistance program are encouraged to retain the EBT card even if they no longer qualify for the program. EBT cards do not have names of the household on them, making it difficult to determine if the EBT card has been issued to the household presenting it.

Are foreign exchange students automatically eligible for free meals?


No, the family they are living with must fill out an application and eligibility is based on that household's income and household size including the foreign exchange student.

A family reports zero "$0" income. How is this handled?


A zero income no longer is a temporary approval. If the LEA is aware of additional income, verification “for cause” can be completed. Such verification efforts cannot delay the approval of applications.

We have a home schooled student that is eligible for free meals. Can the child come to school only for lunch?


No, home schooled students qualifying for free or reduced-price meals must be in class at school one period before or after meal service to receive benefits.

Does a Medicaid or Title XIX number qualify a child for free meals?



Children may receive Medicaid or Title XIX benefits because they are medically needy but not financially needy.

What is the special milk program?


A program to provide milk to children who do not participate in other child nutrition programs.


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