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Foster Children

Is an Iowa Eligibility Application required to qualify a foster child for free meals?


No, a foster child may be directly certified by the foster agency for free meals.  Documentation from the foster agency can take the place of the Iowa Eligibility Application.  The foster child’s eligibility for free meals does not transfer to the other members of the household.

What documentation is required for foster children?


Documentation from an appropriate state or local agency indicating the status of the child as a foster child is required if the child is directly certified and no Iowa Eligibility Application is on file. Otherwise, the Iowa Eligibility Application is sufficient documentation.

Who signs the income application for a foster child?


The foster parent, guardian or other official representative for the child must sign the income application for a foster child.

Does income have to be indicated on the application for a foster child?


If the foster child’s income includes funds provided by the welfare agency that are specifically identified by category for the personal use by the child, such as for allowances; the personal amount received must be included on the Iowa Eligibility Application.

Do foster parents include the payments provided by the welfare agency for care of the foster children as income to the household?


Payments received by the foster parent for care of the foster children are intended to be used for the foster child and, therefore, are not included as part of the foster parents' income.

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