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Foods Table for A la Carte, Vending and Regulated Fundraising Items

Will we be able to offer pizza every day on the a la carte line as an alternate?


If pizza is listed as an entree on the school lunch menu, it can be offered as an a la carte option in the same portion size and frequency per week as it appears on the NSLP menu.

If a student returns to the line for seconds and it is part of the reimbursable meal of the NSLP, is the food regulated by HKA?


A second purchase would be considered a la carte. However, a la carte items offered in the same portion size and frequency per week as they appear on the NSLP menu are not regulated by the HKA.

Is there going to be a list of school products that meet/comply?


Due to the large volume of available foods and the potential for new foods to come on the market regularly, there will not be a list of a la carte, vending and fundraising foods that meet HKA standards.

Are school breakfast and after school snacks regulated by HKA?


If breakfast is served before the first bell, it is not regulated by the HKA. If it is served after the first bell and offers a la carte food items, it is regulated by HKA. After school snacks are not regulated by HKA, since they are served after the last bell.

Are food or beverage fundraiser sales during the school day regulated by HKA?


Yes. Foods and beverages sold at fundraisers during the school day targeted to students are regulated, even if guidance counselors are doing the selling with student assistance.



Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on April 17, 2014 at 5:07pm.