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Foods Table for A la Carte, Vending and Regulated Fundraising Items

Is a frozen fruit slushie cup allowed?


A frozen fruit slushie cup, which is clearly labeled 100% juice (with no added sweeteners) is allowed. It must be a 100% juice item, in order to be entered into the HKA nutrition calculator as a “fruit”, to be exempt for the sugar content.

If whole grain pop tarts are served as part of our school breakfast program daily, can they be offered in the vending machine during the school day?


Yes. The whole grain pop tarts can be offered in the vending machine, provided they are served in the same portion size and frequency per week as they are offered in the school breakfast program.

Is frozen yogurt exempt from the Healthy Kids Act?


No. Unlike regular yogurt, frozen yogurt is not exempt from the Healthy Kids Act nutritional content standards.

What is considered an entre?


An entre is the main meat/protein item listed on the menu and priced as one item. It can include combination foods, such as sauces, bun, etc. as indicated on the menu.

Can we stop students from bringing in pop and other items from outside the school?


The Healthy Kids Act nutritional content standards do not affect items brought in by students for their own consumption. However, schools may set rules in their Local Wellness Policy or other district policy regarding foods and beverages brought from home.

What tools are available to help schools analyze the nutritional content of menu items?


USDAs Team Nutrition website lists several USDA approved software programs for nutrient analysis and menu planning.

Where do condiments like catsup, mustard, salad dressings and sauces, fit into the HKA regulations?


The HKA does not regulate condiments separately. Note: for purposes of the reimbursable school meal, condiments are considered part of the item with which they are served and would be incorporated into a nutritional analysis as part of school meal menu offerings.

How do we determine if 50% of grains offered are whole grains?


Out of the total grains offered daily for a la carte, vending or fundraising, half of the grains offered must be whole grains. Grain products are those in which the primary ingredient, by weight, is a grain.


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Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on February 14, 2016 at 3:05pm.