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Is coconut a reimbursable item under FFVP?


No.  Coconut is not a reimbursable item for FFVP in either a dried or fresh form.

Are dates a reimbursable item under FFVP?


The answer is possibly.  Dates are fine to serve for FFVP as long as they are dried and picked from the tree.  If the dates were intentionally left on the tree to be dried, then they are considered a reimbursable item because the growers classify the dates as fresh.  If the dates are intentional

Are there any requirement for serving sizes?


No. Keep in mind that the appropriate type of produce and portion size will depend on student age and preference as well as the ways you offer fruits and vegetables.   The servings offered should be appropriate for the age and consumption pattern of participating children.

Can USDA Foods be used in the FFVP?


Yes.  Fresh fruits and vegetables from USDA Foods and DoD can be used in the FFVP.  SFAs can only submit costs incurred on the FFVP claim reimbursement.  The entitlement draw down amount cannot be used, but fees, administrative, and delivery costs can be reimbursed with FFVP funds.

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Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on June 28, 2017 at 9:05pm.