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Competent Private Instruction

May a dually enrolled child take post-secondary enrollment option (PSEO) courses?


Yes, if the child is an 11th or 12th grader and meets eligibility requirements of Iowa Code section 261E.3(1). In re Meggan Stone. 19 D.o.E. App. Dec. 104; Iowa Code sections 261E.3(1) and 299A.8; 281 IAC r. 22.2.

What is dual enrollment?


Dual enrollment is enrollment with a public school district of a child who is receiving CPI, usually for the purpose of attending one or more courses or extracurricular activities offered by the district.  Iowa Code section 299A.8; 281 IAC r. 31.6.

Does Form A have to be filed for a child who attends a non-accredited school?


Yes. Form A must be filed for each child of compulsory attendance age who are either home schooled or enrolled in non-accredited nonpublic "schools."  The one exception to this is for a child who is enrolled in a Home School Assistance Program (HSAP). Iowa Code section 299.4.

If a parent/guardian chooses to work with an Iowa licensed teacher, where can they find a willing instructor?


The parent/guardian should start with the local district, which may have a Home School Assistance Program or know of teachers willing to work with CPI students.

What is adequate progress?


For students working with an Iowa licensed teacher or developing a portfolio to be evaluated by an Iowa licensed teacher, the teacher determines whether adequate progress is being made.

What is compulsory attendance age?


Compulsory attendance age includes children who are six years old and under sixteen (16) years old by September 15.

Does Form A have to be filed for a child who is younger or older than compulsory attendance age?


No. However, the fact that Form A does not have to be filed for a child younger or older than compulsory attendance age does not mean that the child cannot receive CPI from the child's parent, guardian, or legal or actual custodian. Iowa Code section 299.4.

May a child be enrolled in any school district's home school assistance program (HSAP)?


No. A child may enroll only in a home school assistance program, if available, through his or her district of residence. However, a student may open enroll to another district and then enroll in the receiving district's HSAP (home school assistance program). Iowa Code 281 IAC rule 17.10(2).


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