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Competent Private Instruction

Does dual enrollment cost a child or the child's family any money?


No. However, a district may charge a fee to a dually enrolled child if a fee also is charged for the same item or service to a regularly enrolled child.

Does dual enrollment include participation in a HSAP and vice-versa?


No. A child who receives CPI may be both dually enrolled and enrolled in a HSAP, may be enrolled in either one, or may choose not to be enrolled in either.

What is the difference between dual enrollment and a home school assistance program?


If a child is dually enrolled, s/he may participate in all academic and extracurricular activities offered at the district on the same basis as a regularly enrolled child. A child enrolled in a HSAP must also dually enroll to participate in academic and extracurricular activities.

May a child be dually enrolled in any school district?


No. A child may dual enroll only in his or her district of residence. However, a student may open enroll to another district and then dual enroll in the receiving district. 281 IAC rules 17.10(2).

What are other advantages of dual enrollment?


In addition to participation in academics and/or extracurricular activities, there are two primary advantages.

What are the requirements of a portfolio assessment?


The portfolio evaluator must have an Iowa teaching certificate for the appropriate age level. The report shall be in narrative form and shall reflect the child's progress in reading, language arts, and math for students in 5th grade and below.

May a student who is not of compulsory attendance age be dually enrolled?


Yes. A student receiving competent private instruction who is 5 years of age by September 15 or who is under age 21 years and has not graduated from the CPI, or the equivalent thereof, may be dually enrolled. Iowa Code section 299A.8.

How many courses (PSEO or those offered by the district) may a dually enrolled child take?


Declaratory Ruling #44, Book 5, D.o.E. App. Decision 33, states that a parent/guardian may not use dual enrollment to enroll a child in all courses but one.

In what school district activities may a dually enrolled child participate?


A child under dual enrollment may participate in academic programs or extracurricular activities on the same basis as any regularly enrolled student. A child under dual enrollment is also eligible to receive AEA services on the same basis as a regularly enrolled child.

May a child who is in attendance at an accredited nonpublic school be dually enrolled or enrolled in a home school assistance program?


No; these enrollments are available only to children who receive CPI. This includes only children who are home schooled and who are in attendance in a non-accredited nonpublic "school."  Iowa Code section 299A.8.


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