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Competent Private Instruction

What are the benefits of enrollment in a home school assistance program?


Because a district that has a HSAP is providing a licensed instructor to provide or supervise CPI, a child in a HSAP does not have to be assessed annually to determine whether the child is making adequate educational progress.

May a student who is not of compulsory attendance age be enrolled in a home school assistance program?


No. The services of a HSAP are limited to parents, guardians, or legal or actual custodians of children of compulsory attendance age, 281 IAC r. 31.5(5).

Are children who receive CPI exempt from other health screening requirements?


State legislation enacted in 2007 requires all children under the age of 6 years to have blood lead test.

Are CPI students who only participate in a HSAP required to be included in the student records?


Yes. Even though HSAP is public supervision of private instruction, federal regulations required that all students who benefit from public education monies be included in the total FTE counts.

May a student participate in the HSAP program of one district and dual enroll into classes or activities in a different school district?


No. A student may participate in the HSAP program and may dual enrolled into public school classes or activities, but it must be only one public school district. No student is permitted to enroll in more than one public school district.

What is a home school assistance program (HSAP), and is a district required to have such a program?


Districts are not required to have a HSAP. If a district does have such a program, it must provide a properly licensed instructor to provide instruction or instructional supervision of CPI.

May any child receive CPI?


Generally, yes. The parent. guardian or legal custodian simply completes the Report of Competent Private Instruction (Form A - available from district of residence) and returns it to the resident district by September 15 or within 14 days of commencing CPI.

Is Form A (the Report of CPI) a public document?


Yes. It is a document required to be maintained by a school district and by the appropriate AEA; therefore, it is a public document. That does not mean that all of the information on the form is public information.

What is competent private instruction?


Competent private instruction (CPI) is private instruction provided to a child in Iowa. "Private instruction" means instruction using a plan and course of study in a setting other than a public school district or accredited nonpublic school.


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