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Beverages Table for A la Carte, Vending, and Regulated Fundraising Items

Can a carton of 2% milk be sold as a la carte/second milk, if it is served as part of the reimbursable meal?


Yes. Only if a school is currently offering 2% milk as part of their reimbursable meals program, can they sell a carton of 2% milk as a la carte/second milk at breakfast or lunch, since menu items can be offered in the same portion size and frequency per week as they appear on the NSLP menu.

Why are 100% fruit and vegetable juices which are carbonated now allowed?


Beverages clearly labeled as 100% juice (all natural with no added sweeteners, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors) contribute to the nutritional value of the overall diet; added carbonation has no nutritional implications on the product.

Is sparkling water a carbonated beverage?


Yes. Sparkling water is water that has been charged with carbon dioxide, and is thus considered carbonated.

Is there a size or calorie level limit for sport drinks and flavored water at the middle and high school levels?


There are no beverage size or calorie level limits for sport drinks or flavored water for middle or high school students. However, there are size and calorie level limits for beverages under the American Beverage Association guidelines, which many schools are currently following.

What is the rationale for no carbonated beverages allowance?


Carbonated beverages are not allowed because kids who drink these products may forgo healthier (nutrient dense) beverages, such as milk and juice, and develop less healthy habits.

Are lemonades, orangeades, and juice blends allowed?


No, the allowable beverages are low/nonfat milk, 100% fruit/vegetable juice, water, sports drinks, flavored water and caffeinated beverages. Other beverages such as regular or diet sodas, lemonades and juice blends are not allowed.


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Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on February 10, 2016 at 8:48am.