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If students are suspended out of school during testing time. How are they counted?


The school district should make arrangements for the student to complete the district-wide assessments under school personnel supervision. Students suspended out of school during testing time must be counted in AYP data. regardless of the length of suspension.

How many days can a student miss school to not be considered for a full academic year?


If the student was enrolled on the first day of the testing period the previous year and is still enrolled on the first day of testing for the current year. full academic year applies.

For accountability purposes how are home school students, foster care kids, out of state placements, and residential placements treated?


Home School: These students fall under their own rules and regulations associated with competent private instruction. They are not counted as FTE by the local district and would not be a part of the districts local accountability system.

Are the "functional" skills on students' IEPs measured in the alternate assessment?


The focus of the alternate assessment is on the general education content standards. Functional skills will not be addressed in alternate assessment unless they are connected to content standards in reading and mathematics. For some students.

What is the difference between AMO goals and AIG goals?


Annual Measurable Objectives are yearly targets that will be used to compare student proficiency at the school building. district. and state levels for making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) decisions to meet No Child Left Behind (NCLB) accountability provisions.

What is the connection between the IEP and the Alternate Assessment?


According to IDEA'97 and NCLB. the IEP must address the student's progress in the general curriculum.

For identification as a SINA school does the failure to meet AYP have to be in same grade level. content area and subgroup if applicable?


A school, to initially be identified as SINA, would need to miss AYP for two consecutive years in the same content area (reading or mathematics), but for any subgroup. An AYP decision is made by combining results for all grades house at a particular building.

What testing accommodations are allowed under the Iowa Plan?


IEP teams should refer to the Test Coordinator's Guide for items related to accommodations that are appropriate for ITBS/ITED administration. This should be done in preparation for documenting student assessment conditions for the IEP.

Can participation in a criterion-referenced or locally developed assessment substitute for the alternate assessment?


No. This is not possible because the criterion referenced or locally developed assessments do not allow for comparison across the state. A criterion referenced or locally development assessment is considered to be part of an LEA's general district-wide Assessment Program.


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