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Administrative Cost Issues

Is the cost of labor in preparing and serving fruits and vegetable considered an administrative cost or an operating cost? Can student labor be paid from FFVP funds?


Salaries and fringe benefits for employees who do such tasks as washing and chopping produce, preparing trays, distributing produce to classrooms, setting up kiosks, restocking vending machines, and cleaning up are considered operational labor costs.  Student labor, for example, vocational educa

Can the State agency retain a percentage of the funds?


Yes.  Section 19 permits SAs to retain a portion of their total FFVP grant allocation for State administrative costs.  The amount of funds retained for State administrative costs is the lesser of:  (1) five percent of the SA’s total grant for the year; or (2) the amount required to pay the costs

Can the funds be used for nutrition education?


No.  FFVP funds may not be used for the purchase of nutrition education materials.  Schools may purchase such nutrition education materials; however, the money that is spent has to come from either the nonprofit school food service account or the general fund.  It is recommended to obtain free n

Is the ten percent limit on administrative funds based on the total grant received or on the amount of grant funds actually spent?


The ten percent is based on the total grant approved for the school.  Establishing the predetermined amount of funding for administration of the grant allows schools to adequately plan for their needs.

May part of the 10% administrative funds be used for costs such as a field trip to an orchard or a farm market or for planting a garden or orchard at the school?


No.  Costs associated with promotional activities cannot be funded by the FFVP.  Schools may no longer use administrative funds to purchase promotional activities.  If a school chooses to purchase such items, the money that is spent has to come from either the nonprofit school food service accou

Can Equipment and other non-food items purchased with FFVP funds be transferred to school meal programs at the end of the FFVP?


Yes.  It is the responsibility of the SFA or SA to direct the disposition of equipment for those schools that no longer participate in the FFVP, in keeping with existing guidance and the regulation at 7CFR3016.32(c)(1), and (e)(1) and (2).  In general, when the equipment is no longer needed for

May the State agency increase the 10% limit?


No. School administrative costs are limited to 10 percent of your school’s total FFVP grant. Schools must not exceed this limit.

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