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Student Reporting in Iowa


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Student Reporting in Iowa is the Iowa Department of Education's initiative involving the transfer of individual student records. The mission of the project is to reduce data burden, encourage better decision-making by establishing and maintaining a cost effective method of accessing and transferring accurate and timely education information among school districts, postsecondary institutions and the Iowa Department of Education.

Underlying principles of the project include a commitment toward reduction of paper-based state reporting, building on existing technologies available to schools, a commitment toward the elimination of paper-based college transcripts, the adoption of a common basis for facilitating meaningful information exchange, and greater security of confidential student information.

2016-2017 Dates to Remember

November 14: VRF test site opens
December 5: Winter SRI test site opens
December 5:  Dropout Verification site opens
December 16: Dropout Verification certification deadline
January 3: Winter VRF/SRI test sites close
January 6: Winter VRF/SRI production sites open
January 6: Secondary CTE Reporting Application Courses in a Program opens (public districts only)
January 31: Winter SRI certification deadline

Fall 2016 Regional Training Session Documents

Certified Enrollment and Supplementary Weighting

Fall BEDS 2016_17


Graduate Verification 2016

Odds AND Ends

SRI 2016_2017


2016-2017 Documents

SRI Data Dictionary 2016-2017, Complete

SRI Data Dictionary Condensed 16-17

Add A Destination Location by Destination Code

Add B County Codes

Add C Language Codes

Add D Country Codes

Add E IPEDS Codes

ADD F Dropout Definition


ADD H_Off Site PK

ADD I_Service Providers_Facilities

ADD J_ Exit Code Guide

ADD K Course Coding Matrix

ADD L ELL Reporting Requirements

CE via SRI 2016-2017

SW via SRI

Quick Reference Data Elements & Codes, 2016-2017

Quick Reference Enrollment Period Data Elements & Codes, 2016-2017

VRF Process for Student Reporting using SIF

VRF Process for Student Reporting using Flat Files


Course Coding and Supplementary Weighting

Course Coding Matrix

Career Academy Minutes and SCED Codes (2016-10-10)

Course Coding Non-Secondary Level Courses (Required)

Complete List of Non-Secondary Course Codes

SCED Codes and Contact Minutes for Community College Courses Sept. 2016

Additional Secondary Level SCED Codes

FAQ Concurrent Enrollment (2011-04-27)

Supplementary Weighting Change Details (2011-04-25)

SYP Guidance

SCED Code Handout Updates (High School Level)

SCED Coding Handbook

Concurrent Enrollment vs PSEO Courses

Information for Vendors

Student Information System (SIS) vendors are asked to participate in the Iowa Department of Education Vendor Certification Process to ensure that school districts using their SIS may fully participate in Student Reporting in Iowa (SRI). During the certification process SRI staff review the SIS to ensure that the software

  • can produce an extract using the Department of Education (DE) specified formats and codes;
  • extract meets DE quality assurance standards through testing with predetermined outcomes; and
  • can import the State Student IDs.


SRI 2017 Extract Specifications

SRI 2017 Changes For Vendors

SRI Data Dictionary 2017.vendor2

SRI 2017 Extract Order



Vendor Extract Specifications 2016
Vendor SRI 2016 Changes For Vendors 2016
Vendor SRI Data Dictionary 2016
Vendor SRI Layout Order Extract 2016


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