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Iowa Education Portal Information

Access the Iowa Education Portal here.

The Iowa Education Portal continues its rollout for educators in Iowa and will provide one common location for Department of Education applications, serving as a ‘one stop shop’ and providing one common login and security shared by many applications.

Note: Some EdInfo applications located at were migrated to the Iowa Education Portal on December 31, 2012.

We will attempt to migrate your account settings to the new system, provided we can positively identify your account via email address and name. For more information on how to make this connection, view the Iowa Education Portal document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all browsers supported?

No. The Iowa Education Portal is optimized for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome and Safari (for many iPad users) are NOT currently supported browsers for the Iowa Education Portal.

Who needs a login?

Logins are necessary for current and new users of Iowa Department of Education applications, starting with applications found on the EdInfo secure website. Additional applications like EdInsight, Student Reporting in Iowa (SRI), formerly known as EASIER and others will be added.

Currently, E-transcript and SRI are active in the portal.  EdInfo applications are transitioning to the Iowa Education Portal.  EdInsight is also in the process of integration to the Iowa Education Portal.

Why do I need a login?

You may need a login if:

  1. You currently access EdInfo (or plan on doing so) after December 31, 2012 at which point access to the existing EdInfo application will be migrated to the portal.
  2. You don’t already have a State Enterprise A&A  (Authentication and Authorization) login. Most commonly these logins bear a domain name of ‘@iowaid’. State employees with ‘’ addresses may login with this address and network password.  You may confirm your address existence by verifying with the A&A login page here: and selecting ‘Forgot my ID’ or ‘Forgot my Password’ under the A&A Account ID tab.

Additional DE applications will be migrated to the portal throughout calendar year 2013.

We will attempt to migrate your account settings to the new system, provided we can positively identify your account via email address and name.  For more information on how to make this connection, view this document, Iowa Education Portal

Where do I get a login/Where do I access the portal?

If you know you do not currently have an A&A Account ID, go to  and select ‘Create an Account’.
For a brief tutorial on this process, click here.

How do I know if I have one already?

Both ‘Forgot ID’ and ‘Forgot Password’ options are available at under the A&A Account ID tab.  If you believe there is a possibility you have a login ID, please confirm beforehand before signing up for a new login.  We will make our best attempt to migrate your account settings (from the old EdInfo, to the new portal-based system) provided we can identify your unique login.

Is there any guidance you have for users?

Yes – A&A Account ID's are specific to an individual and should not be ‘shared’ or ‘group’ logins.  In accordance with State security requirements, access to applications and the permissions granted herein are bound to an individual, not a collection of users.
A&A logins should be associated with your work email address only.
The closer your login name can resemble your actual name will aid in the identification process.

What can I access?

The Iowa Education Portal currently provides access to E-transcript, SRI and EdInfo for the initial rollout December 2012.  Access to these applications will be approved and verified by State Level Security Officers.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Direct A&A related questions to:
800-532-1174 or 515-281-5703

Direct Iowa Education Portal questions to:

If I am a current EdInfo user, what is the consequence of not having an A&A account prior to Dec. 31?

There will be a delay in your ability to access your applications, as your access was not pre-loaded into the Iowa Education Portal.

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