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Fall BEDS Staff


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The Fall BEDS Staff collects information from all accredited K-12 public and non-public schools and AEAs.

Specific Issues Contacts

Issue Contact Phone Email
Fall BEDS Staff Reporting Shelly Neese 515-281-3111
Board of Educational Examiners (endorsement questions) Mike Cavin 515-281-3437
Teacher Leadership & Compensation Lora Rasey 515-281-6719
Operational Sharing Carla Schimelfenig 515-242-5612

Fall BEDS Staff Documents

2017-2018 Fall BEDS Staff User Guide (2017-09-15)

Fall BEDS Staff A-Z Special Topics (2017-09-15)

2017-2018 Fall BEDS Staff Code Sets (2017-09-15)

2017-2018 Fall BEDS Staff File Layouts (2017-08-24)

Training Videos

Title Length Description
Help with Fall BEDS Staff 13.07 min. An overview of the Fall BEDS Staff message board and reference tools. Applicable for both new and experienced users.
New User Overview 10.27 min. A basic tour of the Fall BEDS Staff application from the User Guide Chapter 3. Applicable to new users.
New User FBS Concepts 06.43 min. An overview of the tasks that need to be accomplished, including identifying how to start. Applicable to new years.
What's New for Fall Beds Staff 2017-2018 16.28 min. An overview of all changes, which parallel the errors likely to be encountered. Applicable for both new and experienced users.


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