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Multiple pathways to becoming a teacher in Iowa

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ever think about becoming a teacher? There are more ways than one. Here are some options available:

  • Fast-track Teacher Intern Program: This route for secondary teachers requires that a bachelor’s degree and content coursework has already been achieved. General pedagogy coursework is required. An internship is secured at full salary in lieu of student teaching. This is a highly successful alternative route program.
  • Career and Technical Authorization: This route requires 6,000 hours of experience (or 4,000 with a BA) to teach in career and technical fields (no college degree required). This is a highly successful alternative program including but not limited to areas such as construction, drafting, welding, mechanics, military, electricity, culinary, agriculture, engineering, technology, and many more.
  • Community college dual credit instruction: No licensure is required for instructors at community colleges.
  • Traditional Pathway: This is usually a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and includes coursework in the content area to be taught, general pedagogy coursework, and a full student-teaching placement.
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