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Assessment field test needs K-3 teachers

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kindergarten through third grade teachers and their administrators are invited to assist with a field test of learning progressions, addressing five domains of learning and development. The domains include physical well-being and motor development; social and emotional development; approaches toward learning; language and literacy development; and cognitive development and general knowledge.
The field test runs from fall 2016 through March 2017, and is part of a national consortium addressing kindergarten-through- third-grade formative assessment. Participating teachers will use different progressions (depending on grade level) with 10 students in their classroom. Teaching and learning can be improved using new formative assessment tools to personalize instruction for students.
Participants will receive training and ongoing support in using assessment materials, have opportunities to provide feedback, engage in conversations with other teachers, and receive incentives. Learn more and register for the assessment field test training.
For questions, contact:
Jennifer Adkins at or
Kimberly Villotti at or
Colleen Anderson at

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