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Annual Progress Report LEA


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Goal Technical Assistance

Writing Clear Goals That Meet the Requirements of Annual Improvement Goals

  • The goal specifies the content area.
  • The goal states the name of the assessment.
  • The goal specifies the type of status/scores (percentile rank, percent proficient, standard score, etc.).
  • The goal specifies the desired change (increase, decrease; not maintenance).
  • The goal specifies a one-year time frame.
  • The goal specifies the students (grade, grades, or subgroup) targeted for growth.
  • This is a growth goal.  The goal is attainable and growth is expected.
  • The goal is based on an assessment that is reliable, valid, and for which the district has at least three years of trend data.
  • The goal is based on an assessment that has at least three performance levels.
  • The goal is based on an assessment whose data are disaggregateable.
  • The goal is directed toward achievement of a companion long-range goal.
  • Goal results will be reported for groups of 10 or more students.
  • The data necessary to document goal progress will be manageable and available in a timely manner.
  • The goal passes the “stranger” test.

Other considerations

  • What training and support will school staff need to reach this goal?
  • How will you monitor progress toward the goal throughout the year? Will you monitor implementation? Will you have periodic achievement assessments that can indicate progress towards the goal?
  • How are you engaging your SIAC, Board and community in this process throughout the year?
  • How can you help frame the goal as a target to aim for, not as an indicator of success or failure?
  • How will you keep your goals in the minds of the school staff throughout the year?


In order to satisfy the requirements for reporting annual progress toward state and federal indicators, school districts and non-public schools in Iowa complete an Annual Progress Report (APR) due to the Iowa Department of Education by September 15 each year. APRs include information regarding academic proficiency, academic goals, dropouts, graduation rates, attendance rates, and post-secondary data. APRs are submitted to the Department through the C-Plan application. Visit the C-Plan (Consolidated Plan) webpage for more information.

School Districts and Accredited Nonpublic Schools

Access the C-Plan application through the Iowa Education Portal.

Reference Documents

281--Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 12 Rule Interpretation Matrix

Standard Error of Measurement for Iowa Assessments

Public Reports

Contact the School Improvement Consultant for your school district with questions.

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