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Tuition Assistance Program For Employees Working in Facilities Caring for Individuals with Special Needs

During FY 2009 the Iowa Legislature appropriated funds for the Iowa Department of Human Services and the Iowa Department of Education to collaborate on developing a pilot program to provide tuition assistance to employees of health care facilities serving individuals with mental illness or intellectual disabilities. Through the program, community colleges are partnered with health care facilities serving individuals with mental illness or intellectual disabilities. Employers match state funding appropriated for the program on a dollar-for-dollar basis for participating employees’ tuition. Half of the tuition of each student/employee is covered by the employer, half by state funding allocated to a community college. Participating employers may not charge employees for any portion of students’ tuition costs. Through the program, participating students may receive tuition assistance for up to six credits per semester. Students may register for any credit courses within a course of study leading to a degree applicable to the health care workforce and employment by health care facilities providing services to adults with mental illness or intellectual disabilities. The student may enroll at any Iowa community college partnering with the students’ employer. The students’ coursework may include any college courses within a curriculum leading to an AAS, AS/CO, AS, or AA degree.

This program has been continued into FY 2013, starting July 1, 2012 and ending June 30, 2013. The following information is included to help explain the program and provide information on how colleges can receive their reimbursement.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

2013 Program Guidelines - Tuition Assistance Program

Final Reporting Form Tuition Reimbursement - FY 2013

Reimbursement Form Instructions

2013 Contact List

If you have accounting questions, please contact Kent Farver at 515-281-0319.

If you have program questions, please contact Pat Thieben at 515-281-4707

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