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Assessment Guidelines


AEFLA-funded adult basic education programs must assess students using standardized assessments to report educational gain measures for the National Reporting System (NRS).  To ensure the validity and reliability of assessment data, the Iowa Department of Education is required to provide and implement an assessment policy and monitor local adult education providers' assessment practices and results.

The Iowa Assessment Policy is based on State Assessment Policy Guidance issued by the U. S. Dept. of Education's Division of Adult Education and Literacy, test publishers' guidelines and recommendations, and NRS Implementation Guidelines. AEFLA-funded programs are required to establish local implementation of the state assessment policy.

Technical Assistance
Approved NRS Tests for Adult Education
Iowa Data Dictionary PY 2015
NRS Changes July Presentation-July 26 2012
NRS Courses
There are seven different NRS online training opportunities available that include 31 courses and cover NRS basics, improving NRS data quality, and effectively using NRS data.

Policy, Forms and Documents
Benchmark Projects for PY 2015
Assessment Policy PY 2015 (includes Distance Education)
New EUUS-012 Scantron
2013 Iowa Statistical Tables 1-7
Security and Confidentiality Policy
Assessment Policy Approval Letter 2014

TOPS Enterprise Specialists
Iowa Adult Literacy Leadership Committee
ESL Contacts

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