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Iowa Skilled Workforce and Job Creation Fund


Workforce Training and Economic Development Fund Summary Sheet for 2018

Adult Education and Literacy Program

Adult Education and Literacy is designed to satisfy the basic literacy needs of adults; improve and/or upgrade information processing and computational skills leading to a high school equivalency diploma or entry into postsecondary education; satisfy the continuing education demands of adults in the current labor market; improve the self-esteem of adults; and empower adults to achieve their goals. For more information: Adult Education and Literacy Program 

Current Annual Report

FY19 Adult and Literacy Summary

Gap Tuition Program

This program was established to provide funding to community colleges for need-based tuition assistance to applicants to enable completion of continuing education certificate training programs for in-demand occupations. For more information: Gap Tuition Program 

Current Annual Report

2018 Gap Tuition Program Summary

Gap Tuition Assistance Tables 2018

Table 1 – Total Duplicate/Unduplicated Student Counts and Contact Hours
Table 2 – Enrollment by CIP/College and Contact Hours
Table 3 – Awards by CIP/College and Contact Hours
Table 4 – Total Enrollment by CIP
Table 5 – Total Awards by CIP

Pathways for Academic Career and Employment (PACE) Program

The funding is to be used to implement a simplified, streamlined, and comprehensive process, along with customized support services, to enable eligible participants to acquire effective academic and employment training to secure gainful, quality, in-state employment. PACE eligible programs should enable the target populations to: acquire and demonstrate competency in basic skills; acquire and demonstrate competency in a specified technical field; complete a specified level of postsecondary education; earn a national career readiness certificate; obtain employer-validated credentials; and secure gainful employment in high-quality, local jobs. For more information: PACE Program

Current Annual Report

2018 PACE Program Summary

Statewide Work-Based Learning Intermediary Network Grants

The purpose of the program shall be to prepare students for the workforce by connecting business and the education system and offering relevant, work-based learning activities to students and teachers. For more information: Statewide Work-Based Learning Intermediary Network Grants

Current Annual Report

2019 Program Summary

Workforce Training and Economic Development Fund

This fund has become an important source of financing for community college new program innovation, development, and capacity building, particularly for career and technical education. The monies in the Workforce Training and Economic Development Fund may be used to support the following community college programs: Career Academies; Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs; Entrepreneurship Education and Small Business Assistance; and General training, retraining and educational initiatives for targeted industries. There are also other programs with separate funding sources which can be supplemented through WTED. These include: Accelerated Career Education (ACE) Infrastructure (260G); GAP Tuition Assistance Program (260I); Iowa Jobs Training (260F); National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC); National Advanced Manufacturing Certification (NAM); and Pathways for Academic Career & Employment (PACE) (260H). For more information: Workforce Training and Economic Development Fund

Current Annual Report

2018 Program Summary

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