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Family and Consumer Sciences Education empowers individuals and families across the life span to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society.  Our unique focus is on families, work, and their relationships.

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Human Services/FCS Education Update

The Human Services/FCS Education Update is a monthly email sent directly to you with information about current issues and professional development opportunities specific for human services/family and consumer sciences education.

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Human Services/FCS Education Update Newsletter

June 2020 - New IFCSE Website Information

March 2020 Human Services/FCS Education Update

Previous Updates

Vision and Mission

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) offers a unique focus on families, work, and their interrelationships, providing a solid foundation of success for any student! Through relevant coursework, community projects, student-led organization, and internship/mentoring opportunities, students develop the essential leadership, life, and communication skills they need to become responsible citizens and leaders in family, community, and work settings. As a Family and Consumer Sciences student, you will learn to manage resources to meet the essential needs of individuals and families; to promote optimal nutrition and wellness across the life span; and to accept responsibility for your actions and success in family and work life.  The career and educational opportunities available in Family and Consumer Sciences are varied and virtually unlimited, as are the post-secondary education opportunities.

Family and Consumer Sciences graduates can either enter the workforce after high school or continue their education at a community college or four-year university. Many courses can be concurrent enrolled courses with a local community college. The essential knowledge and skills developed through Family and Consumer Sciences prepare students for a successful future in any field, as well as in family and community life. An FCS program allows students varied opportunities to experience classroom and laboratory components and instruction that meets industry validated standards, work-based learning in the form of internships or academies, and membership in the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) the student-led organization that "enhances" the skills taught in FCS, and provides opportunities to build leadership and competitive skills necessary in the world of work and in the community.

Iowa Code

FCS Requirements in Iowa Code

Statewide Articulation

Please integrate the identified "competencies" from either the statewide articulation EDE 170 (for a comprehensive FCS program of study) or ECE 103 (for the occupational early childhood program of study) into your your course/ usually does take two semester courses to cover all of them. Remember, when your students leave your child development/early childhood course/s they will have earned the equivalency of a 3 credit course at the community college.

In addition, a "portfolio" of artifacts must be developed by your students documenting that they truly completed the identified competencies. Since the Early Alliance in Iowa (Early Childhood Educators) are still in the process of "identifying" the final "artifacts", I have attached a power point from North Carolina that "outlines" the artifacts that they collect and have also attached a list of "guidelines" that I will be presenting to the Early Alliance as a recommendation in the development of the final artifacts for your students.

Child Growth and Development

Updated ECE 170 Articulation

ECE 170 - Certificate Template

Portfolio Artifact Guidelines

Introduction to Early Childhood Education

Updated ECE 103 Articulation

ECE 103 Certificate Template

Portfolio Artifact Guidelines


Updated Nutrition Articulation

Updated Nutrition Articulation Template

Community College Articulation Contact Information

District Articulation Update Form

Articulation FAQs

Professional Organizations
IFCSE (Iowa Family and Consumer Sciences Educators) is the link to the umbrella organization for career and technical education - ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education). The collaborative partnership between the IFCSEP Key leaders (FCS representatives from each AEA), and the Iowa Department of Education is an important link to professional development and mentorship.  An annual conference is held each summer.  Check the Human Services Newsletter and Iowa Department of Education calendar for updates and information on dates and location!

In addition, all Iowa career and technical teachers are encouraged to become members of the national association and attend the Iowa Career and Technical Conference (IACTE).

IACTE Website

ACTE Website

IAFCS (Iowa Family Consumer Sciences) is an affiliate of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), the "umbrella" association for our profession. Please click the link below to access the website and find membership information for both the Iowa affiliate and national association.

IAFCS Website

Program of Study

CIPS for FCS/Human Services Programs

Standards and Framework

State Standards

National Standards (updated 6/17)

Middle Level FCS National Standards with Iowa Model Competencies - revision is pending 2017-18

National Career Clusters website

Marketing Tools and Resources

Iowa Family & Consumer Sciences Educator Forum (use AEA login to access)

What is FCS all about?

Career and Technical Student Organizations Talking Points

Smart Snacks Information for FCS Educators

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