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Accreditation - Community College


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The purpose of state accreditation is to confirm that each of Iowa’s community colleges are offering, educational opportunities and services consistent with state standards, as prescribed by Iowa Code section 260C.48 and Iowa Administrative Code 281-IAC 24. The process also assures the public that its tax-supported educational institutions are operating at expected levels of efficiency and effectiveness

Community College Accreditation and Accountability Committee Report

Final Report on Accreditation and Accountability

Community College Accreditation Guidance Documents

The following guidance documents provide concise guidance, along with relevant excerpts from Iowa code, to assist community colleges in preparing for the state accreditation process.  Each guidance document lists evidential items that the accreditation team expects to see in a college’s review material, as well as actual wording to be used in college material to demonstrate compliance with federal and state regulations.

Iowa Community Colleges State Accreditation Guide

Faculty Qualifications

Facility Plan Requirements

SYP Instructor Background Checks

Non-Discrimination Statements

Team Member Training Webcasts

This series of six webcasts provide training, guidance, and expectations for team members participating on Community College Accreditation Visits.

Presentation Slides for all six webcasts

Transcript for all six webcasts

Part I - Accreditation Overview (3:04)

Part II - State Accreditation (1:22)

4 Phases - State Evaluation (3:04)

Part III - The Review Team (5:52)

Part IV - State Evaluation - HLC Criteria (3:15)

Part V - State Accreditation Report (3:57)

Accreditation Best Practices (by State Standards)

The State Accreditation team thoroughly reviews evidential documents and other resources provided by colleges to prove they are in compliance with Iowa state standards.  Through the accreditation review and visitation process, the team often sees outstanding programs and processes that deserve to be highlighted and shared.  These have been classified as “Best Practices”, and this section has been created to provide links to resources that others can use to learn more about these outstanding practices.

Date Posted College Contact Brief Description
04/06/2015 01 - Northeast Kristin Dietzel Community/Stakeholder Communication Efforts
  02 - North Iowa    
04/06/2015 03 - Iowa Lakes Delaine Hiney Model Facilities Plan
  04 - Northwest    
04/06/2015 05 - Iowa Central David Grosland My Learning Plan Software
04/06/2015 06 - Iowa Valley Lisa Breja >Strategic Plan Process and Monitoring
04/06/2015 07 - Hawkeye Connie Buhr File Director Software - Extensive Electronic Records Management System
08/06/2015 09 - Eastern Iowa Laurie Hanson Career and Technical Program Evaluation and Review Process
04/06/2015 10 - Kirkwood Al Rowe Facilities Information System - (tracks work orders, previous maintenance, asset planning, inventory tracking, and utility usage and expense)
  11 - Des Moines Area    
  12 - Western Iowa Tech    
04/06/2015 13 - Iowa Western Barb Godden Documenting Student Outcomes - Measuring proficiency and the tie into strategic plan
04/06/2015 14 - Southwestern Bill Taylor Advisory committee brochure - describes role and responsibilities for advisory committee
04/06/2015 15 - Indian Hills Matt Thompson My Learning Plan Software
  16 - Southeastern    


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