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2013 NSLP Iowa Eligibility Application Training Webinar Modules


This training will cover the SY 2013-2014 Iowa Eligibility Application, Direct Certification, E-Lookup, hawk-i, and an introduction to the Verification Process. We will show the changes that have taken place for the new year, where to find application materials; plus review the application approval process which includes instructions on how to use ICAVES (Iowa Certification and Verification Excel Spreadsheet). ICAVES is a tool designed to assist LEAs in free and reduced price meal eligibility determination, verification selection, and verification tracking. Also review Direct Certification and E-Lookup.

Module 1 - Application Materials

IEA Approval Training Module1
Income Guidelines IUO
Calendar - NSLP FY14
Iowa Eligibility Application Packet FY14
Free School Lunches Outreach for Food Assistance
ICAVES 2014 for Schools
SP46-2012 Elig. Manual-Aug. 2012a

Module 2 - Categorical Eligibility

Categorical Eligibility and Application Module 2 
FIP/ Food Assistance Application Example
Individual Foster Child Application Example
Example of Homelessness Letter by Local Official
Homeless Parent/Poster- English 
Memo for Extension of Categorical Eligibility

Module 3 - Income Eligibility

Income Eligibility and Income Eligibility Application Module 3
Application Example of Self Employment Only- Showing Income Loss
Incomplete Application Example
Household Application with Foster Child Example
Multiple Frequency Income Application
Self Employment with Outside Wages Example
Single Frequency Income Application Example
Zero Income Application Example

Module 4 - Direct Certification

Direct Certification Module 4
Memo for Hearing Procedures for Reduction or Termination in Benefits
Prototype VIII Letter - Notification for Benefits

Module 5 - hawk-i Materials

hawk I Module 5
hawk I Poster

Module 6 - Verification Materials

Verification Module 6

Module 7 - Waivers & Carryover

Carryover, Waivers and Misc. Module 7


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